Maplebrook Dental is a full service, family owned and operated dentistry business that strives to serve all your dental needs under one roof. Our specialties are general and cosmetic dentistry but our offer ranges from emergency dental care to sleep apnea oral appliances.

We welcome all clients with the same careful consideration for their dental requests, and have a special soft spot reserved for our youngest patients. Specifically for children, we can offer fun and exciting cleanings, at home instructions, and fillings if needed.


We offer personal attention to each of our clients and pay close attention to detail. In a dental practice what really matters is not just what you do but how you do it. For us, it is about the what, the how, and the why because we simply want the best for our clients. We guarantee to meet your expectations and will work with you until you are fully satisfied.




We value efficiency and high quality. With that in mind, we derive our strengths from effectively working as a team. Our goal is to quickly assess all your dental needs and provide you with the best possible cost-effective solution. We offer both affordable pricing and top-notch quality.

We also strongly believe in patient education and thus we'll incorporate treatment planning into your personal in-office experience. If you have any questions, we have all the answers.  In need of a second opinion? We'll be happy to oblige.

 We promote healthy lifestyle nutritional choices, and we are eager to introduce you to all the food groups that are important for the health of your teeth. We also believe that there is no reason to sacrifice all of your sweet tooth cravings: as long as you brush and floss, you can have candy!